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SS males + BOB

Ekaterina Domogatskaya
Photo by Gopi Krishnan
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The results:
Junior class
1. Konijak Iz Strani Grez, WJW, Best Junior
2. Paco Dachsmania
3. Joshua Tree del Conterverde
Intermediate class
1. Nexus vom Red Onyx
2. Zoldachs Hocus Pocus
3. Sobahli Sham Excalibur Arthur
4. Hacienda the Red Nose for Almaznyi Laretz
Open class
1. Emdash Admirar
2. Taksagalactic Zhakkard
Working class
1. Taksagalactic Triton.
2. Dachs Design a Manche
3. William Wallace
4. Arcano's El Celtibero
Champion class
1. Zoldachs Filosofic, CACIB, WW, BOB
2. Norden Liht Unkas, RCACIB
3. Zoldachs Ferrero
4. Hermes del Conteverde
Veteran class
1. Miso z Pisarskiej Wsi, WVW, Best Veteran

- I saw all the dogs in your ring yesterday, so the more interesting it will be for me to hear what you will say
about the general quality, about the winners and about the reasons for your choices.
- I found really a nice quality in every class, and in some of the classes I was not sure which dog could be the
best, or the second, or the third, because any of them could be. Especially in the young class I had very nice
dogs, but the first was super in point of construction, angulations, top-line, with a super head, very elegant
movements and a very elegant neck. A top quality dog, not heavy and not light, correct in size, and of a very nice
type. This is why I preferred him to the others. But the second one also could win...
- About that second dog, Mr Kliebenstein told me yesterday that the more he moved, the better he looked.
- Yes, it's true. In the intermediate class I saw high quality dogs either. The first one was very nice, with a super
top-line, a super rear angulation, very strong in movement. The head was a little bit light, the shoulder a little bit
open, but the movements were fantastic. A dog for shows.
- But isn't he a bit too light in bones, and a bit feminine?
- The dog himself is light, and as I said, he has not a very masculine head, but a good type...
The other classes were also fine. The dog I preferred in the open class was very well built. It was an eycathing
male with a fantastic movement. The main characteristic which I've been taking into account in my judgement
was movement, because all the dogs, more or less, had excellent top-lines and excellent angulations, but not all
of them were super in movement. My best of class had this characteristic - excellent movements. In the working
class my preferred was a dappled dog, very well angulated, with strong movements, a very nice head, a very good
pigmentation, especially for this type of colour, and a good coat condition. That's why I put him up.
The champion class was super, with a lot of dogs inside, and all of them were excellent for me, yes, all of them.
No one had faults to get «very good». The first four were very nice, and I remember well that there were two from
Italy, one from Russia, and one from Romania. The black & tan male at the fourth place had a nice head, but not a
very strong temperament, and the shoulder was a little bit open. The third one, a red dog, was very well built, but
a little bit light, and with not excellent proportions of the head, between skull and muzzle. This is the problem,
even if he had a wonderful movement, wonderful angulation, wonderful shoulder and a correct croup.
The second one is a fantastic dog. I know him very well, I judged him before, not only in Russia. He was my Best
in Group in Innsbruck, I remember well, and he was my BOB in Russia several years ago. When you think of a
dachshund, you can't think of anything else than this dog. Head, angulations, proportions - these are his main
characteristics. But above all, the movement, absolutely fantastic movement!.. However, I found something not
exactly perfect in the tail. I'm sure it wasn't so when I judged him for the first time, may be there was an injury in
the meanwhile... Anyway, now the problem does exist, and it couldn't let him win. I suggest to the owner to
understand what has happened with this tail, because it's really a pity that such a dog couldn't be the first.
I already said, and I repeat: when you think of a dachshund, you can't think of anything else than him. It's my
preferred type regarding head, top-line, croup, angulation and movement...
And finally, the first one. It was a dog from Romania, very-very well built, with a super top-line, a super croup,
and a fantastic movement. I was so pleased to find a really functional, beautiful, sound dog, good in movement,
and with a good charisma and character! I loved him. But I'd suggest to the owner not to keep this dog always
inside, always living in the dining room. He needs to improve his temperament. Better to walk around, to stay
among people, among traffic, it should help. Nevertheless, he is a very nice dog. I saw him before, months ago,
and I'm sure that I made a right choice last November when he was the second in my Jubileum WUT Best in Show.
About the Best of Breed competition. I found three bitches - the CACIB winner, the young and the veteran.
The CACIB is a correct bitch, correct in front, with a nice top-line and not a fantastic shoulder. She has a good
angulation in the rear, but because of the shoulder doesn't have a nice movement, and this is why she couldn't be
the Best of Breed. Moreover, I'm not sure that the coat was in a perfect condition.
The junior bitch was a good one, even if young and not strong enough. Well built, but not an eyecatching dog, as
well as the veteran. No possibility to compare the young female with the male: two different levels, two different
qualities. The male was really the best of the two.
And I want to say something about the puppies. I had two minor puppy class winners to choose between, I think
may be they were the littermates, very nice both, but the bitch was much better than the male. She has a better
top-line, better angulation, and she is a nice expression of the breed. I hope she could body up in a right way,
and she could grow perfectly. I wish her a super career!
Of course I was very proud and honoured to judge at the World Dog Show, there were big classes, and I saw nice
dogs from many countries, especially from Russia...
- As always!.. Well, but I've just heard from Mr Teixeira that he expected a better quality at the World Dog Show,
and Mr Kliebenstein also has said that he was a little bit disappointed with the smooth standard females. The
common opinion about smooth standard at this show is that the general level was definitely not bad, but there
was not a lot of stars, not a lot of eyecatching dogs...
- What I want to say: from all the dachshunds I judged yesterday only one was an indisputably eyecatching dog,
but unfortunately he was the second in champion class, because of the problem which I mentioned before. That
one was the best, absolutely the best! Eyecatching, having all the qualities you can find in a dachshund…
So yes, in general the level wasn't the top of the top. May be the matter is that you don't have a super breeder in
smooth standard at the moment, you don't have an evident leader. Years ago, there were great kennels and great
dogs at World Dog Shows, but now it's not so easy to find really outstanding quality and really perfect type...
I advice the breeders to improve themselves looking for the movements and working with the movements first of
all. This is my opinion.
- And a couple of words about the types.
- Different, still different. Long, short... Yesterday, I don't remember in which class, may be working, there was a
dog coming from England. He was perfect - in front, in the rear, angulation, top-line, head... And he had a very
sad expression in his eyes...
- And you put him?..
- No, I didn't put him anywhere, because for me he wasn't a dachshund absolutely, or was a dachshund only due
to his short legs. Looking at him you could think he was whatever, but not a dachshund...
- Because of the expression???
- Because of the type!
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