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Ekaterina DOMOGATSKAYA (chief editor), Natalia DANILINA-MARX
The results:
1. Konijak Iz Strani Grez, SS
2. Janis Toklaramaís, ML
3. American Express, MW
4. Zhemchuzhina Peterburga Marseillise, KL

- Yesterday you judged the junior Best in Group IV. Your impressions about the quality of the dogs?
- The standard smooth was the first. For this age, itís a beautiful, well developed dog of excellent type, with
very nice head, dry long neck, high withers, even strong back, good settled tail. He moves very-very well for the
age, and he was for me the absolute number one in the group. The second one was a very-very nice long-haired
miniature. He could be a little bit better in hair condition, but in all the other points itís also an outstanding,
good junior dog, and Iím sure he will make a name too. The third one was miniature wire, very nice also, but in
movement not of the same class as the two first. And the fourth was a kaninchen long-haired, also not in a top
condition in the hair, with a very nice head, correct ears and a very nice top-line. She is a little bit narrow in
movement, not fully developed in the chest, a little bit open in hints, but with good angulations.
- I know yesterday you had the possibility to take a look at the rings of standard smooth dachshunds, and may
be you saw someone in the other breeds. What would you say about the quality in whole?
- I saw naturally not all, but those whom I could see, especially the winners, were nice dogs, and we can say that
in whole, it was an excellent World Show for our breed. The winners were straight, so we must be happy with the
general quality of dachshunds we have in the moment.
- And what about the types?
- Well, the winners were excellent by type. I havenít seen all, but in standard smooth males the types were more
correct than in bitches. As for the bitches, many of them were even not bad, but not of the top quality. For me it
was a big surprise that the dogs were much better than the femalesÖ
Junior Best in Group

Ekaterina Domogatskaya
Photo by Gabor Szalanczi
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