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The results:
Minor puppy class:
1. Zoldachs Jolly Joker, BMP
Puppy class:
1. Kantri Park's Safari, BP
Junior class:
1. Twitter's Amethyst, WJW
2. Ohotnichyi Azart Rare Pearl
Open class
1. Almaznyi Laretz Expansia
2. Norden Liht Bavaria
Working class
1. Raduga ot Mariny Kuranovoy, RCACIB
Champion class
1. Halley del Conteverde, CACIB, WW
Veteran class
1. Kantri Park's Tysacha i Odna Noch, WVW

- What are your impressions of the females you judged yesterday?
- The quality in my ring was, lets say, medium. I had some nice bitches, but I really didnt find a dog youd bring
home with you. You know this impression, its from inside: the dog I'd bring with me... I didn't find it, for one or
another reason. Some of them were medium high quality, and there were some very bad also. It's a pity that at the
World Dog Show you don't have a little bit more super dogs. Anyway, it's what it is...
- What would you say about the winners, in junior class and in the other classes? You had a huge junior class...
- Well, there were some nice dogs, I mean the first ones. Altogether, they were, let's say, the best in type, the
best that I could find, with less defects. I always try to be positive when I'm judging, I'm not judging for defects,
but for qualities...
- Yes, it's the best way...
-  I like harmony, and look at the dog in whole, and I'm always happy if I can find a good dog, but you know,
sometimes it's very difficult...
- But how do you feel, were the juniors in whole better than the adult dogs? Or in which class have you found the
best quality?
- I think the better quality was in the youngest class, yes. Altogether yes, the youngest could be the best.
- This should mean we have the future with the breed...
- Well, if you take care - yes. The breeders should take care a lot. But what I mean, it's not the future, the future
is another kind of type... There were many-many dogs with very soft paws, with a very soft top-line, in
movement falling down to the front, with a very short tibia, and some with falling croups. With these problems,
the dogs can have nothing: they don't have a nice pushing from behind, don't have nice movement... I mean all of
them, may be they reach a lot along in the front, but behind they are not able to go with the same drive, they lose
the harmony... Ant that'a a pity. Pity, pity, pity!..
- If so, it's really a problem. Every time we expect the females to be better than the males, because they are
shown mostly by the breeders...
- Yesterday it wasn't so. The males which I saw, I think they were better than the females. Normally it's opposite,
but here not, the males were much better. Normally it's easier to get nice females in breeding, because they don't
need to have this arrogance of a male. That's why sometimes it's more difficult to find a good male in the ring,
but yesterday there was plenty of good males, and not so many females of a nice quality. This is a pity, and this
was a little bit disappointing, but what can I do, it was my turn...
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