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Ekaterina DOMOGATSKAYA (chief editor), Natalia DANILINA-MARX
The results:
1. Formula Uspeha Colibri, KS
2. Magik Rainbow Primadona, KW
3. Alpheratz Just Do It, MW
4. Zoldachs Filosofic, SS

- You judged the group yesterday, what are your impressions about the quality of dogs, about the winners?
- I have to say to you that as an overall, I expected better! As an overall, for nearly eight hundred dachshunds, I
expected the dogs in the group to be much better. But the winner is unbelievably outstanding, especially for a
kaninchen! The day before, she was at the same place at the Hungarian Grand Prix under Mr Calcinati. And
yesterday for me she was easily the best. For the kaninchen it’s so difficult! The size, the movement, the front,
the angulation at the shoulders, the top-line - everything is gorgeous! I think it was the best kaninchen I saw in
my life, I have to say this.
- Really?
- Yes! For the kaninchen - yes, amazing. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!
- And what about the other dogs that you have placed?
- The second was the kaninchen wire, nice also. The third one is a very flashy dog, but I’m going to say one
thing which is my opinion: I don’t know if this dog is a miniature, I’m not sure. Ok, the type is miniature, he is a
very modern dog, with a fantastic front, but I have doubts about the size. Many, many, many doubts! Standing, if
you don’t think to measure him, he is beautiful…
- But you don’t have to measure him in the main ring…
- Of course not, but I have dogs, and I can put my hands to understand… But he is a lovely dog, and I know that
man, and he is a very clever breeder. He started not many years ago, and got lovely dogs. About the other dogs,
I don’t say that they were bad, no, but I expected better. At the World Dog Show, with nearly eight hundred
dachshunds… I was a little bit disappointed. Well, the first three were ok, then later on, the fourth, standard
smooth, was not bad, yes, with an excellent top-line, but not an exciting dog. The standard wire was a little bit
afraid, I know him, he is always like this… Once again, the overall quality was not outstanding. But the first dog
was really nice.
- So you are happy about your winner?
- I’m very happy! But in the final, at the Best in Show, I don’t think that this breed has chances. It’s not easy for
a dachshund, especially for a kaninchen, especially for a smooth coated, because now there is a fashion for
wires. But when I judge groups and finals, I always think about the breed that I have in front of me. For small
smooth breeds, it’s much more difficult to have a condition, to have enough qualities to win against a poodle,
for example. I always try to pick such breeds up, but they never win Best in Show…
- Anyway, let’s wish our kaninchen the best of luck.
- Yes, she is lovely!
Best in Group

Ekaterina Domogatskaya
Photo by Gabor Szalanczi
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