DACHSHUND. People and Teckels

Professional illustrated magazine for dachshund breeders and lovers
Moscow, Russia. Full-color, A4


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[4] Winter 2008-2009:

120 years of the DTK (1888-2008) (by D.Honsalek)

the DTK conference for breed specialists & judges:
lecture on measurement and weighing by W.Walter

show reports & judges' notes:
the XII Russian National Dachshund Show (by C.Navarro),
the WDS & Dachshund Speciality Show
in Stockholm (by E.Rhodin, F.Somerfield),
the DTK Championship Show in Herne (by M.Trogisch)
the CACIT FCI trials & Russian Club Winner Show
«Autumn Symphony 2008» (by W.Walter, S.Maar),
the EDS & Dachshund Club Show in Budapest
(by H.Kliebenstein, M.Moilanen, H.Naveda Carrero)

«Abedar's» & «Hermels Hoeve» (the Netherlands),
«Buch de la Perouse», «de la Chapellerie» (France),
«vom Gesselner Feld» (Germany),
«vom Margelchopf» (Switzerland),
«vom Red Onyx» (Hungary), «Zarcrest» (UK)

dogs of the issue:
Magik Rainbow Ordinar, Ahotorpan Fabio

dog sculpture: M.Turner
photoarchive: dachshunds 100 years ago
veterinary: A.Ulakov

96 pages, over 200 pictures,
in Russian, with advertising section in English