DACHSHUND. People and Teckels

Professional illustrated magazine for dachshund breeders and lovers
Moscow, Russia. Full-color, A4


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[5] Summer 2009:

officials & clubs:
interview with the President
of the Russian National Dachshund Club A.Klishas,
the WUT session in Switzerland (information),
the National Dachshund Club of Czechia (by J.Shvec),

show & trials reports & judges' notes:
the WUT blood tracking trials in Czechia (by D. & E.Pikul), «Snow Dachshund» Club Winner Show (by E.Deutscher), Crufts 2009 (by K.Donvil),
the SDC Championship Show (by W.Harris, E.Fulton), Sydney Royal Easter Show (photos by M.Trafford)

«Bach du Graal» (France), «Cyberdachs» (Hungary),
«della Val Vezzeno» (Italy), «L'Inimitabile» (Italy),
«Roleta» (UK), «Sonderbar» (Australia),
«Suddebok / Kobbedus» (Germany / Austria), «Tasiemkowa Mafia» (Belgium)

dogs of the issue:
Magik Rainbow Ordinar, Gudwil's Terrific Timothy Dalton, Kinchville Cecino Mumbo Jumbo

views on the breed future by E.Tsigelnitsky
essays by N.Thessalonitskaya
dachshund art: V.Gubina, E.Ivashova
veterinary: S.Korotkina

96 pages, about 200 pictures,
in Russian, with advertising section in English