DACHSHUND. People and Teckels

Professional illustrated magazine for dachshund breeders and lovers
Moscow, Russia. Full-color, A4


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[6] Autumn 2009:

club events:
Dachshund Seminar with H.Kliebenstein in Moscow

show & trials reports & judges' notes:
the XIII Russian National Dachshund Club Show
(by C.Calcinati, C.Montefusco),
the CACIT FCI trials & Russian Club Winner Show
«Autumn Symphony 2009» (by D.Honsalek, W.Petersen),
the DTK Championship Show
(by J.Schuerings, V.Ivanistcheva),
the SDC Championship Show (by L.Hess),
the French CAT Championship Show (by P.Gondelle),
the National Dachshund Speciality Show in Australia
(by S.Rose, photos by M.Trafford)

«Norden Liht» (Russia), «Protsionus» (Russia),
«Sonderbar» (part II, Australia),
«vom Delbrueggerhof» & «Del­brueg­ger's» (Germany),
«vom Felsenhuegel» (Germany),

dog of the issue: Magik Rainbow Yarkaya Zvezda

school of handling by H.Quevedo
few words on respect by E.Tsigelnitsky & K.Kondrashova

hobby: Y.Polyakova
books: Alex Tarn. «Quasimodo» (by K.Cherkavskaya)

96 pages, about 200 pictures,
in Russian, with advertising section in English