DACHSHUND. People and Teckels

Professional illustrated magazine for dachshund breeders and lovers
Moscow, Russia. Full-color, A4


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[8] Summer 2011:

official information:
the Russian National Dachshund Club conference;
the WUT session in Volendam

on the FCI standard #148:
H.Kliebenstein, W.Petersen, H.Eichelberg

club show & trials reports & judges' notes:
the XIV Russian National Club Championship Show 2010
(A. de France, A.Laval-Duboul, F.Lemoine, J.-C.Massa);
the Club Winner Derby Show «Golden Ratio 2010» &
Dachshund Seminar (H.Kliebenstein, C.Calcinati, E.Cooper; photos: M.Trafford, D.Picollo, A.Shvets);
the DTK Championship Show (J.Schuerings, H.Hallmann);
the French CAT Championship Show (P.Gondelle);
the CACIT FCI trials & Russian Club Winner Show
«Autumn Symphony 2010» (I.Koehler);
the Russian Club Winner Show «Gloria» (C.Calcinati);
the Club Winner Show «Snow Dachshund» (J. Contoupe)

show photo reports by S.Valueva:
WDS 2010 in Denmark, EDS 2010 in Slovenia,
the AKC Championship Show in the USA,
Finnish Winner & Helsinki Winner in Finland

«Of Lady Joan» (Belgium), «dell'Impero» (Italy),
«della Nave» (Italy), «Rosadachs» (USA),
«Aviance» (USA), «Hacienda» (Malaysia)

dachshund clubs: Dachshunds in South Africa (J. Price)

in memoriam: Delbruggerâ's Sammy

dachshund training: B.Opitz
dachshund art: V.Gubina
veterinary: A.Ulakov

104 pages, over 300 pictures
In Russian, with advertising section in English